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Secret Ponchos taking a siesta, won't arrive on PS4 in April


Secret Ponchos is staying holstered for now, after dev Switchblade Monkeys confirmed it isn't releasing its Wild West-themed combat game next month. The gunslinging online game was previously confirmed as a PS Plus freebie in April, but we now know Mercenary Kings is next month's PS4 offering on the service.

Fans did the math and Switchblade Monkeys in turn confirmed the delay on Twitter, adding that Secret Ponchos is to go into beta testing to ensure it's "rock solid" ahead of release. We've reached out to Switchblade to find out the new ETA.

Secret Ponchos wants PS4 players to get in tune with their inner John Wayne through its isometric Spaghetti Western gunplay, and the upcoming downloadable has a choice of one-vs-one standoffs, gang fights, and free-for-all shootouts. While gunslingers-to-be have to wait a bit longer for the game proper, Switchblade previously announced it's showcasing Secret Ponchos at next month's PAX East conference in Boston.
[Image: Switchblade Monkeys]

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