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Blizzard rings in April Fool's with faux fisticuffs, Flappy Bird spoof


Blizzard Entertainment has long had a reputation for its meticulously crafted April Fools' Day gags, and this year, instead of a sole punchline, the company is offering the willingly gullible a trio of faux announcements.

For instance, it has been revealed that the next segment of the StarCraft 2 trilogy will be titled StarCraft 2: Herald of the Stars. In lieu of focusing entirely on strategic warfare, the real-time strategy game will instead explore the history and heartwarming minutiae surrounding the alien Protoss race. You'd expect new weapons and units, but the game will also offer new hairstyles, a dance editor and built-in Twitch audience interaction. Blizzard senior game producer Hony Tsu describes StarCraft 2: Herald of the Stars as "a hug for the soul."

Hoping to make Diablo 3 more palatable to the average person, Blizzard is swiping a page from the Flappy Bird playbook to make Happy Reaper. "With a series of well-timed mouse clicks or finger taps, skillfully guide Malthael through a network of ancient Pandemonium ruins to collect human souls and obliterate all puny nephalem with your trusty Death Laser of Doom," reads Blizzard's official description.

Rounding out today's gags is Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished, a fighting game starring the developer's most famous characters. While it won't be coming to consoles, the game will be available on PC, Mac and expensive, custom arcade cabinets. We urge you all to read Blizzard's full description, but if you've only got 47 seconds available, watch the above teaser. It tells you pretty much everything you'll need to know about this fake game.
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