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Oculus VR picks up Valve's Aaron Nicholls


We like to imagine that there's some fantastical conveyance – a giant slide or a catapult, perhaps – that connects the Bellevue, Washington offices of Valve and Oculus VR. It might help explain the number of Valve employees that keep making the jump (launch?) to Oculus' camp.

The latest Valver to slide on over to Oculus is Aaron Nicholls who, according to his Linkedin profile (login required), researched virtual reality for two years with Valve. Specifically, said research included "a wide range of perceptual and physical considerations necessary for delivering presence in VR."

Nicholls will be working as a scientist alongside other former Valvers, including Michael Abrash, now Oculus VR's Chief Scientist, and Chief Architect, Atman Binstock.
[Image: Oculus VR]

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