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Today in the App Store -- the best free apps, new apps and app updates


Here are some of the best free apps, app updates and new apps that have landed in the App Store recently. All app prices are USD and subject to change. Some deals may expire quickly, so grab them while you can.

Apps Now Free

orphinio [iPhone; Now free, down from $0.99] orphinio for iPhone is a musical instrument with a unique sound between glockenspiel and jaw harp.

Peekaboo People starring Richard Scarry [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $1.99] Richard Scarry's Busytown characters join the Peekaboo series.

Beautiful Mosaic [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $9.99] Draw a beautiful Mosaic with your fingers.

Ferris Mueller's Day Off [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $0.99] erris Mueller's Day Off - the latest point'n'click game from the creators of Forever Lost - is all about searching for a mule that is off sick. It's full to the brim with clever puzzles, interesting characters, colourful locations and puns galore.

TOP Files Manager Pro [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $3.99] Your files on the Go! Manage. Organize. Sync. Read. Play. Print. Zip. Download. Upload. Move. USB Disk. Share. Dropbox™ files and folders SYNC like on the computer.

Briefcase Pro [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $4.99] Briefcase is an all-in-one document reader and manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Grid Lens [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $0.99] Grid lens lets you shoot your precious moments on a single picture. You can take photos in each frame split by grid lines to create your own story.

Motion Time [iPhone; Now free, down from $1.99] We're glad to introduce the most simple and easy-to- use video processing application. Divide the video into the segments and determine the rates for each separately.

Smart Memory [OS X; Now free, down from $0.99] Free memory at the touch of a button or the smart way.

Disillusions Manga Horror [OS X; Now free, down from $0.99] Explore in first person, solving puzzles, finding items and clues to proceed the horror story (may contain jump scares).

New and Notable Apps

ShowUps - Detour Your Day [iPhone; $0.99] ShowUps shortens the leadtime to a positive and surprising meeting with likeminded people. It offers an adventurous detour in your day.

Art Hidden Objects [iOS Universal; Free] Art Hidden Objects is one of the best hidden object games ever created.

Mindful Alarm Clock [iPhone; $0.99] Mindful Alarm wake up mindfully Getting up is not easy; remembering why you wanted to get up when the alarm goes off – even harder.

World WarII Battle of the Atlantic [iOS Universal; $4.99] This is an action game that reproduces the fierce Atlantic naval battle, and it will enable you to fight in the Second World War navigating famous battleships.

Download Shuttle [OS X; Free] Download Shuttle is a blisteringly fast download accelerator and manager, and it's free.

Call Recorder [OS X; $2.99] Call Recorder is a must have utility! Being swiftly able to open Call Recorder and record your conversation with one person or a group of people is very valuable.

Updates you don't want to miss

Calorie Counter & Weight Loss, by SparkPeople [iPhone; Free] Count calories, track food & exercise, and lose weight with SparkPeople's Diet & Food Tracker. Version 2.0 brings the following changes:

  • Our app is now free, so we can help millions more people lead healthier, happier lives!
  • Improved navigation and a cleaner, flatter design
  • Recently added foods are now available in search
  • New Home screen can now show calories in/calories out
  • Overhauled fitness log & search for easier fitness tracking
  • New Friend Feed, Top Stories and Goal Board integration

Bug Heroes 2 [iOS Universal; $1.99] Every day while you're gone, an epic battle of swords, guns, and armor rages on your counters, on your floors, and in your yard... Enter the world of the Bug Heroes! Version 1.2 brings the following changes:

  • DOMINATE AN ALL NEW GAME MODE! Play the new Turret Defense mode, complete with a 20+ mission campaign, a brand new hero, a new powerup system and more!
  • Added a new turret: Laser!
  • Many higher star missions made easier
  • Balanced turret upgrade prices
  • Balanced stun scroll effect on high rate of fire heroes
  • Fly Bandito and Army Ant Cavalry abilities have unit caps
  • Sniper Turret bullets move much faster, but they no longer target heroes in versus mode
  • Revamped mission system to allow many more mission choices and options at once
  • Fixed an issue with versus local multiplayer
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

StackMotion [iPhone; $1.99] StackMotion™ is the ultimate superimposing application that will wonderfully enhance your moments by combining photos, videos, text and music. Version 1.1 brings the following changes:

  • Removed music from sample project
  • Added play/pause control to main preview screen
  • Added option to delete current project

Word Forward [iOS Universal; Free] Word Forward is an ingenious new word puzzle game you can play solo or with friends via Game Center. Version 1.2 brings the following changes:

  • Purchasing any coins in the in-game store will now switch off ads forever!
  • Quitting a multiplayer game will now forfeit the game.
  • Fixed some sneaky bugs.
  • Made some tea.
  • Dipped some biscuits in aforementioned tea.

IQTELL - The Best Email App for GTD®, Productivity and Inbox Zero [iOS Universal; Free] The only mail app that combines email with Actions, To-do items and Projects. Version 2.4.4 brings the following changes:

  • EZ Inbox - A unified inbox for your email.
  • Performance improvements to help you get things done more smoothly

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