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Reign of Giants expands Don't Starve with new creatures, seasons


The dark, foreboding wilderness of open-world survival adventure Don't Starve just grew a bit more eerie with today's debut of the Reign of Giants DLC expansion.

Once installed, players will find a Reign of Giants content toggle on the Don't Starve main menu. Activating this option enables the DLC content, and allows players to unlock new characters, new items, new seasons and new biomes. As you'd expect, these new regions of the game also bring with them new creatures who may serve as delicious meals, or the final straw straining your in-game sanity until your pixelated brain bursts into a kaleidoscope of swelling shadows and horrible beasts.

Though today brings Reign of Giants to the PC, Mac and Linux incarnations of Don't Starve, those enjoying the game on PlayStation 4 will be waiting a bit for their version of the DLC. It's unknown how long this delay will be, but developer Klei Entertainment promises to reveal more info on the PS4 release soon.
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