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Colorful, musical pill shooter Intake pops to iPad in April


Intake, the drug-induced shooter from Auditorium studio Cipher Prime, is on its way to iPad this month. Intake hit Steam for PC and Mac in November, after debuting in the Cipher Prime Humble Weekly Sale.

Intake has players click a series of pills as they tumble from the top of the screen, toggling the mouse between colors to hit the matching pills. It's rapid-fire arcade shooting with club beats in the background. Intake on iOS will have Game Center achievements and leaderboards. There's no word on exactly how the touchscreen controls will work.

"We've revamped Intake's color-switching pill-popping gameplay for a multitouch platform, and the game will have all the core features and content of the desktop version and updates," Cipher Prime says.
[Image: Cipher Prime]

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