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Battlefield 4's Megalodon finally surfaces in Naval Strike expansion


Though dedicated fans have been scouring every inch of Battlefield 4 since its debut last October, no one has yet offered real evidence of the existence of the gigantic Megalodon within EA's shooter - until now.

The footage above comes courtesy of YouTube user "jackfrags" who lays out simple instructions on how to spawn the giant beast within your own Battlefield 4 match. First, you must be playing on the Nansha Strike map which was included with the recent Naval Strike DLC pack. Second, you must find nine other willing players to swim with you out to a specific buoy near the main island. Third, you must all be comfortable with having a giant, supposedly extinct sea creature crush you with its massive bulk.

If that sounds like too much work, just watch that clip again. You won't get the thrill of virtually being there, but it's the only way to really appreciate the inexplicable yet undeniably impressive explosion that accompanies the Megalodon crashing back into the sea.
[Image: EA]

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