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That Warlords of Draenor alpha key is fake, but your hurt will be real


Consider this the friendly reminder that all those alpha keys you're getting in your gmail inbox for Warlords of Draenor are 100% fake. Blizzard will only enable accounts and there is no external access yet to the alpha.

No wait, let's not have this be a friendly reminder. Friendly is too easy. This is a mean, rotten, no good reminder! This is the most evil reminder known to mankind!

Want to know what will happen if you open up one of those fake Warlords of Draenor emails? I'll enumerate it for you so even the daftest of trolls can understand:

  • All of your original tier 3 will be sharded
  • Your Unborn Val'kyr will be released to the wild
  • Zarhym's head will reattach to his body
  • The set pieces you're farming for in Diablo 3 will never drop
  • Titan will be sent back to the drawing board and delayed for even longer
Thus concludes the meanest reminder ever.

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