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Video preview: Diving into deep sea terror with Amnesia dev's Soma


Spoiler warning: This post and the video above contain light story spoilers for Soma, including the appearance of one of the game's enemies.

Soma, from Amnesia creator Frictional Games, takes place deep under the ocean. As it turns out, the oppressive, high-pressure atmosphere of the sea floor makes for a pretty spooky environment (who knew?). We got to spend some hands-on time with Soma at GDC last month, and we also got to pick the brain of Ian Thomas, programmer and narrative designer.

Like Frictional's other games, Soma focuses primarily on psychological horror and environmental storytelling. We didn't learn too much about the story in our short play session, other than the main character is exploring a submerged scientific facility of some sort, and that he's trying to locate his colleagues. Strange, alien-looking cables and machinery seem to have penetrated the facility and, we learned through a series of flashbacks, something went wrong. Exactly what went wrong is at the heart of the mystery, though the occasional bursts of static imply an air of technological horror.

See it for yourself in our video preview and interview. Soma is slated to arrive on PC and PS4 in 2015.

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