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Talkcast tonight: Fire TV, iPhone-first development, and more!


New dial-in experience! Set up Fuze Meeting before the show if you want to join in live.

It's Sunday night, and if you're not returning to Westeros for the fourth season of GoT, it's time for the TUAW talkcast!

In today's mobile startup landscape, the overcaffeinated, optimistic founders of the Next New Awesome have one big platform choice to make -- iPhone first, or Android first? In the US, despite shifting market share numbers, the answer is overwhelmingly "iPhone first," but some developers go another way. Tonight's TechCrunch story from Emu's Dave Feldman explains why the text-message startup chose to build for Android first, and why after sixteen months the team reversed course, pulled the Android version and pivoted back to the iPhone. We'll discuss this, plus Amazon Fire TV versus the world; Apple's acquisition of Novauris lends hope for a smarter Siri; what Apple's hiring history means for the company's presumed foray into fitness and fashion; Mozilla's challenging week... and more!

Tonight, we're also welcoming special guests: The Mac Observer's Jeff Gamet and the Pioneer Press's Julio Ojeda-Zapata. If you haven't seen Julio's recent post and video detailing how he covered a coal plant demolition in Minnesota, or his son's crowdsourcing effort to send his robotics team to a national competition, please check them out.

Reminder on new-style talkcasting: With some help from the fine folks at Fuze, we're using a new system to record the show. This should let everyone listen in live -- and, if you want, raise your hand as you would in the Talkshoe room to get unmuted and chime in.

You can join the call in progress (meeting # is 20099010) at 10 pm ET from any computer via this link; if you download the Mac or Windows Fuze clients ahead of time, you'll get better audio and a slicker experience, but browser-only will work fine. Just click the phone icon to join the audio once you're in.

Using an iPhone or iPad? Grab the native clients from the App Store and get busy. (Even Android users can join the party.) Still feel like using the conventional phone dial-in? Just call 775-996-3562 and enter the meeting number 20099010, then press #.

While the Fuze web and native clients have a chat channel, we'd like to reserve that for host participants, requests to talk and other real-time alerts... so the full-on chat for the show will appear in this very post at 10 pm tonight. You'll need Twitter, Facebook or Chatroll credentials to participate in the chat. We'll remind everyone to check back in at that time.

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