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According to Samsung, Apple is a slouchy, cool dude


We've heard plenty of internal tidbits about Apple's interworkings thanks to the company's current litigation, but tasty details about Samsung's laundry have been a bit slower to surface. Today brings a humorous look inside Samsung's walls thanks to a company-made slideshow that has been submitted as evidence. The presentation casts stock photo actors to play the roles of each of Samsung's competitors, and it's good for a chuckle or two.

apple slides

First we have Google as the regular young professional, Nokia as the old-but-still-with-it patriarch, Sony-Ericsson as a MySpace model who didn't shower today, and of course Apple as the young dude who doesn't care that his chair is way too low. Samsung is portrayed as a straight-faced, white collar board room king, and then the slide asks who Samsung should really be.

The slides were definitely whipped up in short order, and the photos are pretty standard stock fare, but I have to admit I find it pretty funny that the Apple dude is the only one who doesn't seem to give a damn about the camera. He's kicking back with his whatever-it-is-he's-holding and definitely has good taste in art, as evidenced by that painting on the wall.

[via Vox]

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