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AJA's 4K camera runs $9,000, but nobody will mistake you for a tourist


Though AJA is best known for disk recorders, it's just revealed the 4K CION, its first cinema camera. It'll take on BlackMagic Design and a growing list of 4K DSLRs -- including Sony's new Alpha A7s and the Panasonic GH4. While the $9,000 model loses out on price, AJA is targeting serious users with features like a shoulder mount, 12-bit 444 ProRes recording, an SSD drive and a PL lens mount. It also has a APSC-sized global CMOS sensor and 12 stops of dynamic range, just like BlackMagic's new URSA model. However, the latter runs a much lower $6,000, and BlackMagic also has the Production Camera 4K at a mere $3,000 after a price drop. But the CION might work for those who find the 6K Red Dragon Scarlett too much, especially if it actually makes its summer ship date.

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