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Epic seeks alpha testers for action-building game Fortnite


Though Fortnite has been in relatively quiet development for years, Epic Games has apparently decided that now is the time to drag the game into the light of public scrutiny. To that end, the publisher has launched a website for the game and put out a call for testers.

Those unfamiliar with Fortnite can think of it as a cross between Minecraft and the "Horde" gameplay type in Gears of War. The fundamental goal of Fortnite has players gathering resources and building defensible forts to keep out hordes of monsters. Once the attack inevitably comes, Fortnite more closely resembles a traditional third-person shooter, where players navigate their cobbled-together homes while gunning down invaders. Fortnite also offers online gameplay where multiple players have to work together to build and defend strongholds, as well as player-crafted weaponry.

While Fortnite is still a ways off, the game's new website is seeking participants for an upcoming alpha test. If you'd like to join, visit the Fortnite site and fill out the standard registration form.
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