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Authentic spacesuits, rockets and more up for auction in NYC

Emily Price

Imagine what your friends will say when they notice your brand new space rocket just chillin' in the corner of your living room. Bonhams in NYC has plenty of items to make your neighbors jealous at its Space History Sale, a collection of 296 items from US and Soviet missions past. The big event celebrates Project Gemini, NASA's first unmanned test flight, which took place on April 8, 1964 (what better way to party than to sell some stuff?).

You can grab yourself everything from a real-life space station control panel to some (pretty gross looking) coffee and tea containers from previous missions. The epic silver spacesuit pictured above already sold for $44,000, even though it's too damaged to wear while playing a round of golf on the moon. But, if you're in the market for a new suit there are still a few more available. You can even take home a little bit of history with one of three known casts of Buzz Aldrin's footprint from the lunar surface. If you do buy that rocket prepare to be a little disappointed: it's only a model.

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