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Air Canada to offer WiFi across many of its North American flights


If you've flown to or from Canada in recent years using one of its airlines, you've probably noticed the lack of in-flight WiFi; apart from a couple of aircraft, you're incommunicado until you reach the ground. You won't be stuck reading books and taking naps for much longer, though. Air Canada has announced that it's rolling out Gogo-based WiFi on many of its continental North American flights, keeping you connected even if the US is on the itinerary. The company will outfit 29 aircraft with internet access between May and the end of 2014, and 130 narrow-body models should get online by December 2015. The initial service will stick with Gogo's regular (that is, fairly slow) cellular-based technology, but Air Canada will be testing advanced satellite broadband from both Gogo and Inmarsat next year.

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