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Answering Google's most asked questions about Apple


One of the first places people go with their questions is Google, and as always, Apple is a hot topic. Brace yourselves: It's time to answer Google's most popular questions about Apple and its various products.

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Why is Apple called Apple?

According to an interview with Steve Wozniak from 2010, Steve Jobs brought the name home with him after spending some time working orchards in Oregon. It is claimed that the name may have been suggested to Jobs from a fellow orchard worker, though this would be impossible to confirm today.

Why is Apple stock down?

Well, today Apple's stock is actually up as of this writing, but I'm going to make a pretty safe guess and assume that this search term is popular right after a new Apple product announcement. The peculiar habits of Apple's stock have been well documented, but a common trend of analysts sounding the doom alarm after a new iPhone or iPad is announced seems to feed investor fright. The "Apple is doomed" narrative is something the company can't seem to shake, but that's likely just a price of success.

Why is Apple successful?

If you ask 100 tech experts this question you'll probably get 99 different answers. Some attribute Apple's success to genius marketing, while others insist that the cult-like mentality of Apple fans feeds the recruitment of new customers, and some stand firmly by the idea that Apple's high-quality products sell themselves. In the end, it's likely a combination of all of these factors and many more. In the end, Apple's products are desirable and that's all that really matters for business to boom.

Why is Apple ID disabled?

The main reason why you'd get an error saying your Apple ID is disabled is that you've entered the incorrect password too many times. Depending on which Apple service you're using, the message may be worded slightly differently, but the solution remains the same: Head to Apple's iForgot page and reset it to something brand new.

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Why is the iPhone 5c cheaper?

The iPhone 5c is cheaper because it uses less expensive components, compared to the iPhone 5s. The 5c's A6 processor is more modest than the A7 chip in the 5s, and the 5s features the TouchID fingerprint sensor which is not found in the 5c. The 5s also features the M7 motion coprocessor, which is not present in the 5c. The body of the 5c is constructed largely out of plastic, while the 5s is aluminum with glass on both the front and the back.

Why is the iPhone 5s better?

Thanks to the more powerful processor (see the hardware differences in the answer above), the iPhone 5s has the ability to take slow-motion video, automatic image stabilization, and offers better performance for apps and games. The fingerprint sensor gives you the ability to unlock your phone without swiping and to make App Store purchases without a password.

Why is the iPhone 4 so slow?

Well it hasn't always been slow, but compared to the newer iPhone models it is definitely a bit more sluggish. Being now a full three generations old, the iPhone 4 isn't going to stand up to today's apps and games in the same way as its younger brothers. There have been countless reports of iPhone 4 users suffering from the iOS 7 update, which many claim has slowed their smartphones down even further as well as hindered battery life. In short, the iPhone 4 is slow because, in smartphone years, it's pretty old.

Why is the iPhone better than the Galaxy?

I'll assume this question is pointed at Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and not the Milky Way. There are of course supporters on both sides of the isle here, and both the iPhone and Galaxy smartphones have countless satisfied customers. If you're looking for reasons to support the "iPhone is better" argument, many iPhone users cite build quality, processing power, a clutter-free interface, and the absence of pre-installed bloatware as reasons why they prefer Apple's device.

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Why is the iPad 4 discontinued?

The iPad 4 isn't discontinued, actually, though it was. Apple killed it off when the iPad Air debuted in late 2013 in order to continue support for the long-in-the-tooth iPad 2, but then brought it back earlier this year as the iPad 2's replacement, calling it simply "iPad with Retina display."

Why is the iPad Air better?

The iPad Air includes a faster processor than its predecessors, and a new design that is both thinner and lighter. On the software side, the Air's capabilities closely resemble that of the iPad 4, with the addition of a video zoom feature.

Why is the iPad not charging?

If you're met with a "Not Charging" alert when plugging your iPad in for a bit of juice, it's likely because you're not using the charger that was included with your device. Using your iPad (especially the iPad 4 and iPad Air) with an older charging device from a previous iPad or iPhone will cause the device to charge more slowly, and may produce the "Not Charging" warning when in use. The same is true when charging from a USB 2.0 port on your computer. Use Apple's guide to determining which adapter you have and which models of iPad it works with.

Why is the iPad so expensive?

This is something that Apple supports and Apple bashers love to argue over, but ignoring the conjecture, there are a few truths that we can point to: Apple's tablets regularly beat out all competitors in performance tests, and the performance gained from one iPad generation to the next is always dramatic. The build quality and design of Apple's tablets has also long been a selling point, along with the Apple ecosystem which includes a highly-policed app marketplace. The fact that many people are willing to pay a premium for this treatment is the reason they are priced in such a way.

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Why is the iPod touch so expensive?

The iPod touch is so expensive because it's essentially an iPhone without the phone capabilities. It's a large touchscreen device with many of the bells and whistles you'd associate with a smartphone, and that demands a premium price.

Why is the iPod 5 better?

We're going to assume this question refers to the 5th generation iPod touch. The newest iPod touch includes a larger Retina display, similar to the iPhone 5, as well as faster processor and more capable cameras (on the 32GB and 64GB versions) than its predecessor. Storage options remain largely the same, with the largest option coming in at 64GB.

Why is the iPod touch camera so bad?

The latest iPod touch features a 5-megapixel camera which, while OK for casual shooting, doesn't hold up to the photo capabilities of the newer iPhones. I wouldn't honestly call it "bad," but it's certainly no DSLR.

Why is the iPod important?

This is a loaded question, but I'll tackle it as it pertains to Apple itself.

The iPod was important to Apple as it served as the company's first massively successful portable device. For many, it was their first Apple product, and the iPod's quality helped build brand loyalty that the company still benefits from today. Along with iTunes, it helped spark a new way to consume music, and both served as a great way to get consumers interested in the original iPhone. Oh, and it made a lot of money. Like, so much money.

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Why are Macs better than PCs?

Strictly speaking, Macs are still "personal computers," but in terms of Macs vs. Windows, this is another preference argument. As with the iPhone vs. Galaxy question, both sides love their machines, and much of it is based on personal opinion. Mac owners love the "it just works" nature of their computers while Windows devotees demand more freedom over both their software and hardware modifications. If you're looking for a solid reason to support your decision to purchase a Mac, the best bullet point may be that you can often resell Apple's hardware for much more when you eventually upgrade.

Why are Macs so expensive?

Again, you're paying for build quality, the design, and the Apple ecosystem. With the Mac mini and smaller MacBooks, Apple does offer products that won't break your bank, but if you're in the market for a high-end computer like the new Mac Pro, you're likely doing CPU and GPU intensive tasks and prefer the way your software works on OS X. For those who just don't like Windows, OS X on a Mac is often the first alternative, and Apple fans new and old find the prices to be worth it.

Why are Macs better for design?

This is another preference argument, though it seems to be rooted in an antiquated notion. Some very popular early design software like Adobe's Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator were Mac exclusive, leading professional designers to flock to Apple's machines. These days there are still some popular Mac-only design tools, though companies like Adobe now support both Mac and Windows computers universally. Some designers still insist that Apple's machines provide better reliability and support for their work, but the line between Windows and OS X is too blurry to declare one a clear winner of the other.

Why are Macs so popular?

If I knew the answer to this, I'd sell it to Toshiba for US$100 billion. Oh wait, I think they're already catching on.

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