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Momondo helps you prioritize your relationships by proximity and climate


Sure, it's easy to plan out trips to visit your friends, but Momondo believes it can add a bit of fun to that process. The travel search engine's app now features something called "friend compass" that shows your friends' locations all over the world while you spin around. Since Momondo's service shows the cheapest flights and hotels you can book, each friend that appears on the compass comes with info on the most affordable flight available -- and yes, you can book one from within the app. If that travel itch has gotten so bad, you can also use the compass to find out which friend lives in the coldest or the hottest locations, the nearest or the farthest places and the ones who'll cost you most and and least money to visit. The friend compass works using Facebook's API and a smartphone's GPS, so suffice it to say, it'll only only show people in your Facebook list. Bummer.

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