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Road Not Taken's quirky cast of characters in gifs


Steam, PS4 and Vita game Road Not Taken features a lineup of lost, lonely and lovable characters. Some of them hang out in the town square, some are worried parents of children who've wandered into the forest, others are those scared children, and still more are beasties of various sizes and shapes.

The game allows you, the hooded and magical finder, to form relationships with these NPCs, 15 years at a time. Whenever you enter a forest to save lost children, one year of your life passes. After 15 years, you die and have a chance to start anew, making new friends and lovers, with some talents from your previous life carried to the new one.

Spry Fox has shared a few of these characters and settings with Joystiq in the best way possible – gifs. Check out the adorable art style and spooky things of Road Not Taken below.

There's also a contest happening right now that asks you to submit a sound effect for the in-game fox. Yes, the contest is called "What does the Spry Fox say?"
[Images: Spry Fox]

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