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In France, you can buy a phone contract from a vending machine


French folks will soon be able to pick up a phone plan as easily as a baguette thanks to a network of SIM-vending kiosks arriving in the nation. Operator Free Mobile, well known for its ultra-cheap contracts, will let folks dodge lines by signing up for a contract from a kiosk "in a few minutes." The machine will then dispense a mini-, micro- or nano-SIM, activated and ready to go into an unlocked phone. Though SIM-vending machines are far from new, it's one of the first all-inclusive, ready-to-go arrangements from a big carrier that we've seen. Users will also be able to change SIM formats, pay bills and do other chores that usually require a bricks-and-mortar visit. There's no word on exactly when they'll start rolling out, but it'll be one less hassle for the French.

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