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PAX East Hearthstone: Adventure Mode, iPad worldwide soon


We're learning a lot about Hearthstone at PAX East today. The Blizzard press panel is going on right now, and there's a few important things:

  • iPad version of Hearthstone will appear worldwide very soon, within the next couple weeks
  • Adventure mode is coming to Hearthstone in Curse of Naxxramas -- you'll fight bosses with your cards in a PvE-style match (sorta like the introductory sequence, we assume)
  • CoNs will add 30 cards, have five wings with bosses in each wing to defeat, add class challenges with pre-constructed decks
  • First wing of CoN will be free, others will require purchase via gold or (real) money
  • CoN releases this summer
Various tweets from the scene after the break.

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