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Titanfall free updates bringing 2v2 Last Titan Standing, Titan burn cards

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Titanfall developer Respawn announced at their PAX East panel today that they'll be bringing new modes, among various other tweaks, to their heartwarming game about soldiers and the robots they so dearly love. One such mode will be a 2v2 variant of Last Titan Standing, where all players begin with their walking deathmachines. Considering how well that went for us, maybe we'll stay away. But then, we're masochists, so ...

Respawn said that they'll also be introducing new ways to make the titular Titans more tantalizing: Titan-themed burn cards and Titan insignias are on the to-do list, as is a new matchmaking system that will let players use hashtags to filter through private games until they find one they like. Lastly, Respawn will also be introducing "rifts," which will introduce various tweaks to already-existing modes.

All these micro-updates will be free, while Titanfall's first map pack DLC, Expedition, will cost $10.
[Image: EA]

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