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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot adds loot-fetching pets

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot's playerbase knows well the busywork of sorting heaps of loot to find great items, but now they can leave the task to a sidekick and focus on earning glory. Ubisoft Montreal has added four pets to the free-to-play dungeon crawler, which tag along for castle raids if you're willing to part with the involved funds.

Players can pick between Lil Flameo, a miniature crimson dragon, Lil Arachbro, a spider Ubisoft describes as "adoragross," Snugglemuffin, a hamster that rolls around in a protective ball, and Mr. Squiddlins, a bucket with an eye and a tentacle. They all serve the same purpose, but Mr. Squiddlins can be purchased with 7,000 gold, while the other three pets are available in exchange for 575 Blings, the game's currency that's exchanged for real-life money.

Adventurers seeking a particular grade of loot can tell their pet which types of items to covet and which to ignore via the Options menu. If you're ready for a sidekick, you can adopt a pet at the in-game Cornelius' Emporium.
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