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Capcom investing around $80m into two new R&D buildings


Capcom announced it's spending approximately 8 billion yen, which converts to just under $79 million, on two new research and development buildings located near its head office in Osaka. The investment is part of Capcom's ongoing focus to make more of its development internal and centralized with the aim of making higher quality games at lower costs. Work on the smaller eight-floor building began in May 2013, shortly after Capcom announced a $73 million special loss on game cancellations following what the Japanese company called an "excessive" outsourcing of projects overseas.

The two buildings will house a significant number of the 1000 further employees Capcom is bringing in as part of its 10-year plan to increase its workforce, and the aim remains to amass a total staff of 2,500 by 2022. Today the company noted the majority of these hires will be recent graduates.

"Capcom believes that these actions will give the company a competitive advantage due to the more powerful development capabilities in the rapidly growing mobile and PC online games markets," the company summarized in today's announcement.

The 8-floor building will cost around 2.5 billion yen ($24.5 million) to build, and Capcom expects to complete construction in January 2015. Work on Its larger 16-floor sibling begins this month, with total costs of approximately 5.5 billion yen ($54 million) and a planned ETA of January 2016. As for what you'll find in the two new offices, Capcom notes a (probably very fancy) sound effect studio, a new motion capture room, and "multi-purpose" spaces that can hold 100-plus people.
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