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Mac Desks serves up design lust for Apple fans

We love Macs because they're great computers that, as the famous catch phrase goes, "just work." That doesn't mean a big part of Apple fandom doesn't have to do with the company's slick design practices. While the Apple I might have been a Frankenstein monster of parts and progress, since the Apple II the company has been a reliable source for beautiful hardware that looks nice around the office.

Of course, even if you have your own beautiful setup at home, that doesn't mean you might not get a wandering eye from time to time. For those moments when you just need to ogle what another person is working with at home, we humbly suggest you check out MacDesks. MacDesks is a simple concept, just picture after picture of hot steamy Apple design porn.

Maybe you never experimented with a glass top desk, but always wanted to know what it was like to experience one. Do you want to artfully know how to arrange toys around your desk for a proper adult to whimsy ratio? Maybe you've always lusted after a multi-display Swedish setup? MacDesk is for you. It's the perfect place to live out all your Mac design fantasies. We promise not to tell ...this will be our own little secret.

Before you head over to check it out, here's one last piece of eye candy to get your rocks off.

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