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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth coming to Mac this year


Sid Meier's Civilization series has sold millions of copies and inspired countless sleepless nights from addicted players. Over the course of five titles the series has allowed players to experience building the greatest empires in the history of the planet Earth. This Fall Civilization will leave the planet for the first time with Beyond Earth, a new beginning for the series. Best of all, Mac users will be getting the game at the same time as Linux and Windows.

So far only a few screen shots have been released showcasing game play, but a trailer has been posted which you can view below. Players will be able to play in the world of Civilization for the first time without the series' famous interplay between real life historical characteristics. In an interview with Polygon Lena Brenk, one of the game's producers, said they hope not being able to draw on history will expand how the game is played.

"If you think about it," Brenk said, "in Civ historically, it's similar. The player has the reference of history and [can] fill in the gaps with their imagination and what their play style looks like. They know the rough outlines. They probably are not all historians. They probably don't all know the specifics and details, but they know the rough outline of what happened with Genghis Khan or who he was.

"We're trying to provide something very similar, except here for the future, where we give rough outlines and the player fills in the gaps with their imagination because that will really be the place that they remember: the choices they made and how that impacted their playthrough.

A hard release date for the title has not been announced. We'll update you when more information becomes available. In the meantime watch the game's trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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