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Mohu Channels wants to give cord-cutters a unified menu


Not interested in paying a cable bill? You've certainly got options -- but between disparate streaming services, set-top boxes and your over-the-air digital antenna, managing all your content can be a bit of a hassle. Mohu is trying to fix that. The company is traditionally known for its paper-thin Leaf antennas, but it also recently funded a Kickstarter for Mohu Channels: a internet-connected tuner designed specifically for cord-cutters.

On the surface, Mohu Channels is a program guide for OTA TV, scanning your area for local stations and filling out a schedule based on what it finds. A good antenna can net you plenty of content, sure, but there's so much more online -- which is why Mohu is designed to convert any website into a channel. Naturally, the device will offer native apps for services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, YouTube and more. Channels, apps or websites can be added, dropped or customized by users, who will be able to control the entire setup with both their smartphone and a keyboard-equipped remote. The device's Kickstarter is already funded, but the final product should be ready in June. Need an antenna to get started? No worries, Mohu announced the Leaf Metro today: a half-sized addition to its thin-antenna line with a 25 mile range. Check it (and the Mohu Channels Kickstarter) at the source links below.

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