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Oculus Rift total sales around 85,000, dev kit 2.0 at 25,000


Oculus Rift told TechCrunch that sales of its second-iteration dev kit are at about 25,000, taking the VR unit's total sales to around 85,000. For the dev kit 2.0, that figure accounts for around a month's worth of sales since pre-orders went live on March 19.

The $350 second-generation unit displays in OLED at 960 x 1080 resolution on each eye, and it offers positional head tracking via an external camera. Pre-orders are available now, but the kits aren't expected to ship until July.

If you've spent the last month living under a rock, you probably don't care that Facebook bought Oculus recently for the sum of 2 billion dollars (cue Dr Evil laugh). Even a few weeks on it's still a staggering thing to think about, especially when you consider how the device began its journey on Kickstarter just two years ago.
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