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Sky's renamed TV channel bundles make even less sense than before


We couldn't tell you why, say, Samsung believes the word "Galaxy" means anything when it's attached to almost every product, but branding can often miss its mark. Apparently, Sky's been taking flak over the name of its entertainment channel bundles, on the basis they're "not clear enough." Thus, they've been renamed as of today, but what we find hilarious is the new titles are just as nondescript. "Sky Entertainment" is now the "Original Bundle," "Entertainment Extra" is now the "Variety Bundle," and "Entertainment Extra+" is now the "Family Bundle." We have no idea what 'original' is supposed to mean in this context, but 'variety' at least alludes to a greater channel selection, we suppose. And, the "Family Bundle" has more stuff for the kids, right? Not really, no. The changes won't actually impact anyone, apart from the new names showing up bills, but it is dumbfounding that Sky would both consider this an issue, and then come up with this, erm, solution?

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