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8G iPhone 5c debuts in more countries and other news for April 16, 2014


That Mac Pro is still taking its sweet time getting to customers, and the 8 GB iPhone 5c reaches new countries in this morning's news roundup.

  • Apple is now offering the 8 GB iPhone 5c in fourteen countries. Now customers in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Switzerland can pick up the bargain device.
  • The Mac Pro is still seeing significant shipping delays. As of this writing, those buying a new Mac Pro from Apple's online store can expect the device to arrive in four to six weeks. As Computer World points out, the Mac Pro was announced four months ago. The 2012 iMac had similar problems, but its delay was trimmed to one to three days after three months of availability.
  • Apple has agreed to make the CTIA's request for a "kill switch" on its iPhones a reality. Apple won't have to do much work beyond what Find My iPhone already does to reach compliance. The switch, if you will, renders a lost or stolen iPhone useless remotely.

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