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PlayStation 4 sales exceed 7 million so far


Sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 have exceeded 7 million worldwide, the manufacturer announced today. Games are going along with them, according to internal estimates from Sony Computer Entertainment, selling to the tune of over 20.5 million copies as of early April. This figure includes retail sales in addition to those made online.

Major releases on PlayStation 4 ($399.99) and its competitor, Xbox One ($499.99), are still sporadic, roughly six months after their November launches. However, both are beefing up their portfolios with independent games, and both are coming off well-received flagships: Titanfall and Infamous: Second Son.

The PlayStation 4 is also pursuing a virtual reality component in Project Morpheus, while Microsoft is lining up Xbox One with the likes of Steven Spielberg in its television spinoff, Xbox Entertainment Studios.
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