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Amazon Fire TV's voice search expands to cover Hulu Plus and Showtime, but not Netflix


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Fire TV came out of the gate with an impressive initial effort, however one of its rough edges is that the voice search is actually quite limited. At launch it could only provide results from Amazon's own movie and TV selections or music videos from Vevo, but the company is already adding new services to the mix. Hulu Plus, Showtime Anytime and Crackle are first up, which is a good list, but it's still missing Netflix. The new services will start popping up later this summer, which gives Amazon more than enough time to make sure a query for House of Cards pulls it up on both Netflix and Amazon video on-demand. This also makes it more competitive with similar features on competitors like Roku and Xbox, once it's filled out.

Amazon is also working on new features, including one that we hadn't noticed before called "Prime Browse." Joning FreeTime parental controls and MP3 music access on the "coming soon" list, it appears that Prime browse will solve one of our other initial frustrations, and filter a view for only the content that's included with the Prime subscription service. More games and services are also on the way of course, but if you have a specific request for Amazon's developers, feel free to leave it here.

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