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Flickr wants to become your new Instagram with its latest app update

Sarah Silbert

​Today Yahoo is rolling our Flickr "3.0," a completely redesigned approach to its photo-sharing apps on Android and iOS. In addition to offering improved sharing through Dropbox and Google+, Flickr on mobile now features Instagram-like filters and in-depth editing tools. We especially like the new option to view each photo's metadata, including which camera an image was shot with, aperture setting and more.

Download the new Flickr app, and you'll see that it looks very much like Instagram, even beyond the new filters feature. You now have the ability to comment on, like and share photos, and there's a feed view that echoes the experience of scrolling through your friends' latest uploads on Facebook's ultra-popular acquisition. Finally, you can also shoot and edit 30-second video clips and add filters.

Should you drop Instagram or your other photo app of choice for Flickr, though? That depends on how willing you are to create a Yahoo account -- previously you could sign into the app through Facebook or Google, but the latest update eliminates those two options. In any case, you'll find the download links below.

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