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Frozen Synapse iOS shrinks in price, expands in content


Developer Mode 7 Games comes bearing a double shot of good news for fans of its day-glo iPad strategy hit Frozen Synapse. Not only has the game received an expansion, it's also been reduced in price.

Like its PC incarnation before it, the mobile version of Frozen Synapse can now be enhanced by the "Red" expansion. For a price of $2, players will receive a new, 15-mission campaign, co-op support for the original Frozen Synapse campaign, a new multiplayer mode, new unit type, 10 singleplayer challenge missions, additional mutators and the titular "Red Mode" which, you guessed it, turns the game red.

To celebrate the debut of Red, Mode 7 has temporarily reduced the price of Frozen Synapse to $1. The studio does not specify when the strategy game might return to its original price, instead saying that the discount is applicable "for the time being."
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We're slightly-too-happy to announce that Red, the expansion pack for our glossy and award-winning iPad strategy game Frozen Synapse is now available for iPad. It's now live on the UK and US App Stores with other territories following ASAP, like snails following other snails.

Red will cost $2 or local equivalent; Frozen Synapse itself will also be reduced to $1 for the time being.

How did games get to this point where this sort of thing is ok? We don't know. I remember when you had to pay a gigantic furry man £40 for a huge box and take it home on the bus. Now we're handing them out like SWEETIES.

Anyway, here are all the features you can expect in Red:

- Full co-op (2 vs. AI) for all single player campaign content

- An additional unit (riot shield)

- An additional multiplayer mode ("Upload")

- Three mutators (gameplay modifiers for advanced users)

- 15-mission single player campaign

- 10 single player challenge missions

- 6 additional music tracks by nervous_testpilot (2 previously available in the Humble Indie Bundle)

- Original music tracks "Deeper" and "Focus" unlocked during gameplay

- The infamous "Red Mode": it makes things red....

- All online features, including co-op, can be shared between expansion owners and non-owners.

- Cross-platform activation

"We feel that Frozen Synapse has proved there is a healthy niche market for indie strategy games on the iPad," trumpeted Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor, pretending that everyone was still talking about his game and not just FT-flipping-L. "Red adds a lot to the game so we're looking forward to seeing how all of our new players will react to it."

Do get in touch if you would like any further info.

A screenshot of Red is available here because people are too literal to actually read anything and they need images spoon-fed to them like some kind of visual pap:

As was announced earlier this month (and by announced, that means I tweeted it one time in the middle of the night), we are now working on bringing a version of Frozen Synapse to the iPhone later this year. They said it couldn't be done! Actually, no...wait....I think we said that. Oh well. That's what we're doing anyway.

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