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Japan gets Niconico PS4 streaming on April 30


PlayStation 4 owners in Japan will have the option to stream gameplay to Niconico, a site that lets users upload, view and share video clips, starting April 30, Sony announced (as translated by Gematsu). Those visiting the Nico Nico Super Conference 3 on April 26 and April 27 will be able to test the streaming functionality in person before it arrives via firmware update. While the two updates may not be related, the upcoming 1.70 firmware for the console brings the ability to save videos and screenshots to a USB drive.

The PS4 launched in Japan in February, selling 322,083 units in its opening weekend. According to a translation of the Niconico's website, it will begin offering free one-month trials for PS4 users shortly. The streaming service carries a monthly fee of about $5; it is unclear if the service will require a PlayStation Plus subscription as well.
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