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Nokia stops selling Lumia 2520 tablet over electrical shock concerns


Nokia has issued a product advisory for certain Lumia 2520 chargers and has temporarily suspended sales of the Windows tablet in the UK and parts of Europe. The notice applies to its Europe- and UK-only AC-300 charger, along with the 2520 travel charger accessory, which is also available in the US. Use of those products should be discontinued immediately due to a shock hazard, though Nokia said that no incidents have been reported yet. 30,000 chargers are affected in total, but only 600 of the travel accessories were sold in the US. That means you're free to use the tablet stateside (without the travel charger, of course). But if you're located in the UK and certain other European countries, your Lumia 2520 will have to go on ice pending a fix. More information and updates are available from Nokia right here.

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