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Ahead of earnings, analysts anticipate uptick in Mac sales and slight downturn in iPad sales


Come Wednesday after the bell, all eyes will be on Apple's earnings report for the March quarter. While the key metric investors will be looking at the ever-critical iPhone sales numbers, it's just as important to keep close tabs on the health of the company's Mac and iPad sales. While the iPhone still accounts for the vast majority of Apple's quarterly revenue, Mac and iPad sales together accounted for 31.3% of Apple's revenue during the most recent December quarter.

With that in mind, Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at Fortune put together a few handy charts which map out what analysts on Wall Street think Apple will deliver in terms of Mac and iPad sales.

With respect to the Mac, analysts are anticipating sales to fall anywhere between 3.65 million and 4.84 million units. Averaging all of the estimates out, the consensus for Mac sales is 4.06 million units, a figure which would represent an ever-so-slight sales increase of 2.8% from the same quarter a year ago.

With respect to the iPad, estimates range from 15 million units on the low-end to 21.81 million units at the high-end. The consensus lands at 19.33 million units, which would represent a slight sales drop of 0.7% year over year.

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