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It took Jack White less than four hours to track and release a record this weekend

Billy Steele

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How does Jack White celebrate Record Store Day? By setting a Guinness World Record for the fastest release, of course! White recorded, pressed and released a 7-inch 45 at his label's shop in three hours and fifty-five minutes, besting the previous mark that hit shelves the day after tracking. Two songs including "Lazaretto" -- the title track off the upcoming LP -- and a B-side cover of Elvis' "Power of My Love" were captured live from the Blue Room at Third Man Records in Nashville for the release. While the production was going down, White went on to perform an hour-long set for those who turned out to observe the feat. The full-length Lazaretto releases on June 10th, but for now, you can relive this weekend's events after the break.

[Image: Jamie Goodsell]

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