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Pokemon invade the NBA thanks to one fan's mashup logos


You got your Pokemon in my basketball! No, you got your basketball in my Pokemon! However this mashup came about, we now have Pokemon-themed logos for all 32 NBA teams that are decidedly more adorable than the original designs.

Far from an official creation, the 32 logos found in the gallery below come courtesy of sports fan, artist and Pokemaniac Micah Coles. Though Coles offers no specific motivation for combining the disparate worlds of America's most lucrative sport with Japan's most lucrative excuse to stuff monsters into tiny balls, the end result is the sort of quirky Internet ephemera that constantly vies with cute pictures of puppies and tired memes for your momentary electronic attention.

Unfortunately, that's the extent of this project. Coles is under no illusions that he'll be able to monetize this project, and quite wisely notes that were he to create t-shirts based on these designs, that he'd likely be sued by Nintendo, the NBA or both.
[Image: Micah Coles/Imgur]

Gallery: NBA Pokemon logos | 32 Photos

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