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1Password's iOS and Mac apps get better sync and edit features


If you use 1Password, you might be worried about the security of your private data, what with all the talk about Heartbleed. Fortunately, the software's developer, AgileBits, says 1Password isn't affected by the OpenSSL exploit, but some of the sites you visit probably are. That's why the company built a service called Watchtower, which allows you to check the vulnerability of sites you frequent. Even still, users will be happy to know that both the password manager's Mac and iOS applications just received a whopper of an update, bringing a bevy of bug fixes, UI tweaks and notable improvements for each platform. Oh, and they're on sale until Friday for $24.99 and $8.99 respectively.

There are quite a few enhancements to both apps, but for starters, sync is completely revamped: if you update your master password in the desktop applicaton, it will be updated on all your devices. Additionally, the new mobile app, complete with a new flat UI design, and 1Password Mini browser plugin both support login item tagging, making it much easier to find usernames and notes outside of the desktop client.

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