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Mailbox's Auto-swipe archives and deletes on iOS so you don't have to


When Mailbox hit Android earlier this month, it came with a new feature called Auto-swipe that wasn't on the iOS version -- until now, that is. Yes, iOS users who just can't be bothered to wrangle those cluttered inboxes anymore: Mailbox for iPhones and iPads can now learn what kind of emails you usually archive or defer until later, so it can eventually do all the dirty work for you. All you need to do to activate Auto-swipe is to link Mailbox to a Dropbox account after you've updated the app. Once that's done, the email app will also use Dropbox to remember your preferences and sync them across Android and iOS devices. While it sounds like a tool for the lazy at first blush, we hope it ends up great for nuking spam and preventing unread missives from piling up.

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