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Next Fatal Frame to snap ghostly images on Wii U


The next entry in the Fatal Frame series will haunt Nintendo's Wii U console, according to a Famitsu report translated by Gematsu.

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei recently announced the new game, though the two corporations offered no further information on this project. Instead, they used this opportunity to promote a number of multimedia tie-ins tangentially linked to the survival horror franchise, including a novel, a manga and a live-action film from director Mari Asato.

Unfortunately for anyone in North America that's a fan of camera-shy ghosts, it seems unlikely that the next Fatal Frame will ever reach our shores. As Gematsu points out, the prior entry, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, made its Japanese Wii debut in 2008, but has yet to be localized for any other region. The 2012 Wii remake of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly did manage to reach Europe, but it too skipped North America.
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