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The case that turns your iPhone into an iDroid


Leave it to a game designer to dream up the bulkiest, most awkward iPhone case ever: This is the iDroid. Made to mimic the look of an in-game communicator in the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the case has a bunch of goofy features.


For starters, it has a lid over the camera lens, which opens to reveal the camera itself and a "MAINTENANCE ALERT" warning label. There's a bright blue LED in a blue sphere situated in the center of the case which can be rotated, and the massive, faux antenna can be detached from the case itself and used as a stylus pen for the iPhone screen.


The case pairs up with a free Ground Zeroes app that will be released alongside the case later this year. The initial launch will be in October, though that's only for Japan. There's no official word on a stateside release, so you may have to import your own if you can't live without it. The price has been set at around US$70.

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