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Twitter's new profile pages are now available for everyone

Emily Price

After a few weeks of test drives, Twitter officially rolled out its new profile pages to the masses today. Besides the sexy new look, the update includes a few tweaks like a running tally of how many times you've favorited tweets and a new page where you can see every photo and video you've ever uploaded. The month and year you joined Twitter are also now displayed right under your username -- a big plus for early adopters who want bragging rights, and a way for everyone to see how long an account has been around (and possibly determine how legit it is).

Your "best tweets" are featured automatically in a larger font that makes them stand out. Posts can also now be pinned to the top of the page when you want to draw attention to something, or just really want to show off that epic chicken burrito you had for lunch. If you don't have the shiny new version yet, you can snag it now by going to this page from your desktop and selecting "get it now" from the bottom.

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