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eBay's new mobile apps are all about you, borrow some Pinterest looks

Emily Price

eBay's mobile apps just got a little more personal. The company refreshed its offerings for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8 today, unveiling a new look for the apps that's customized to your habits. The highlight of the update is a new "My Feed" section on the home screen which populates with large photos of items you've indicated you want (like this epic collection of 125 Goat books). It looks a lot like Pinterest, with updated imagery that makes you feel a little more like you're shopping for high-end antiques rather than crap someone found in grandma's attic.

If you'd prefer to bid on a "Stylish Lion Mane" for your pooch from the mobile web, you're in luck. Those accessing the site from their phone or desktop browser will also get the new personalized feed. The update isn't quite live yet, but will launch with the ability to list items for sale from your phone as well as respond to offers and browse through Daily Deals. Because bargains like this $5 unisex toilet bag don't come along everyday.

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