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The Girl and the Robot to deliver automaton friendship to PS4


Developer Flying Carpet Games has revealed plans to bring its charming action-adventure game The Girl and the Robot to the PlayStation 4.

As Jess explained last October, Flying Carpet Games is a developer composed of former EA and Gameloft employees. The Girl and the Robot is the studio's first project, and its themes of magic and friendship, when combined with the game's aesthetic and leading odd couple, seem to resemble a whimsical, fairytale riff on the PlayStation 2 classic Ico. What's more, the game is adorable. Take a look at the early trailer above for proof.

Though initially planned for release on the Wii U and Steam, the latest update to the game's Kickstarter page breaks the news that Sony has greenlit The Girl and the Robot for release on the PlayStation 4. Flying Carpet Games has yet to determine a solid release date for The Girl and the Robot, but the studio hopes to launch the game at some point during 2014.
[Image: Flying Carpet Games]

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