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Card Hunter: Attack of the Artifacts free expansion out now


Blue Manchu has released a sizable expansion for its browser-based strategy RPG Card Hunter, adding six new quests, dozens of collectible cards, and a multiplayer league system.

Attracting 100,000 players following its launch last year, Card Hunter is a deck-building strategy game in which players summon armies of monsters in a series of competitive turn-based battles. The new Attack of the Artifacts expansion builds on the formula with the introduction of hundreds of new items that can be used in battle, expanding strategic options for players.

Every day through May 2, players who log in to Card Hunter will receive a Magnificent Artifact Chest containing five items from the new expansion. The league system is also free to try within the Artifact Anarchy and Clash of the Geomancers fixed-deck leagues.

[Video: Blue Manchu]

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