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Google documents confirm plans for faster public WiFi in Fiber cities


Google is floating the possibility of public WiFi to upcoming Fiber cities, according to IDG News Service. In a planning document sent to candidate cities, the search giant said it will be "discussing our Wi-Fi plans," which corroborates information we reported earlier about its US expansion. It already has extensive WiFi services in 7,000 Starbucks and other public places, and may soon have an app that makes it easier to log on. It could have more frequencies to play with too -- thanks to its lobbying, the FCC will likely reserve extra "unlicensed spectrum" for WiFi in an upcoming auction. Finally, it might even launch its own MVNO cellphone service alongside the WiFi using leased carrier spectrum, if a report from The Information has any merit. Bear in mind that Google hasn't publicly confirmed any of this yet, but we've reached out for more information.

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