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Intake prescribes combos for iPad on May 1, OST to iTunes

Intake has been crushing pills into a points-based substance on Steam since November, but for owners of the iPad 2 and above, Cipher Prime Studios has written a new prescription: Take one copy of Intake on May 1 for $2.99 and lose a few afternoons to the arcade-style high score chaser. The iPad version will support multitouch gameplay, cloud saves and integrate leaderboards and achievements from Game Center.

Cipher Prime Studios has tweaked its formula for all patients however, detailing improvements that will also reach Steam users on the same day Intake reaches iPad. In the related press release, the team notes that Challenge levels now "appear at regular intervals," while screen-freezing flashbang pills now appear a bit earlier in the game. You can also keep it basic with an optional No Nonsense mode, which Cipher Prime says will allow for constant gameplay.

Fans will also soon be able to purchase Intake's peppy, electric soundtrack on iTunes, though the impatient among us can already sample and purchase the album for $3 at Bandcamp.
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On May 1, it's the Intake MAYDAY Update -- Intake on the iPad, Intake OST on iTunes, and a new Steam Update!

Intake on the iPad!

On May 1, Intake iOS will put Intake's intense arcade action underneath your fingertips! It's a whole new game. Intake has always looked perfect for multitouch, and it turns out it is! It's like you were born to explode pills and swap colors with your fingers!

As you turbocharge your reflexes by playing the game, you can unlock new powerups and features by collecting vitamins and upgrading at the drugstore. Or stop by the vitamin shop to buy a quick fix! Intake on the iPad will also feature cloud saving, and the game's leaderboards and achievements are integrated with Game Center.

We've also intensified the game with streamlined gameplay and transitions. Challenge levels now appear at regular intervals, and flashbang pills appear earlier in the game. The length of all Challenge Modes was also reduced. A lot of transitions were revamped to get you into the game faster, and a new toggle-able "No Nonsense" mode that allows for constant gameplay was also added!

Intake will be available for $2.99 on the iPad 2 and above on May 1!

Intake OST coming to iTunes

Intake's soundtrack, featuring five original tracks by Cipher Prime's own Dain Saint, is coming to iTunes! Head on over to Bandcamp to hear the album!

Steam MAYDAY Update

On May 1, the Steam MAYDAY Update follows the Aggressive Update, and includes all of the new gameplay improvements featured in the iOS version. That means: revamped challenge level intervals, earlier flashbang pills, Challenge Mode progression compressions, generally faster transitions, and "No Nonsense" mode.

We also added a toggleable visual feature called Gartnervision, which adds a little flair to the letterbox panels. It makes absolutely no difference to gameplay. It's just damn sexy.

The gameplay changes are pretty sweeping, and the Steam Leaderboards will be wiped to make way for a new era of high scores.

That's All, Folks!

Be sure to check out the Cipher Prime blog and @cipherprime for more official announcements about Intake and upcoming games!

Thanks All!

The Cipher Prime Team

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