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Chilean retailer lists Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4, Xbox One

Little Timmy Robinson is still waiting for BioWare to respond to his letter asking for a current-gen release of Mass Effect Trilogy, but we know the studio is busy making universes and stuff. Maybe Timmy won't need to wait on BioWare to pipe up, though - Chilean retailer Zmart Games has listed Commander Shepard's trilogy for the PS4 and Xbox One. Release dates and prices are absent from both pages, though customers can sign up to be notified for when the supposed Trilogy port becomes available.

Retailers occasionally let the Rachni Queen out of the bag regarding new projects, as was the case with this year's worst-kept secret, The Last Of Us: Remastered. Maybe we should get Little Timmy to write another letter asking for a release window and for the inclusion of DLC absent from Trilogy's original release. They can't say no to a kid, right?
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