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Breakfast Topic: How dedicated are you to the class you play?

Anne Stickney

I love playing a rogue. Although shaman has gotten my attention lately, rogues are still my first love in World of Warcraft -- to the point that I've rolled a second rogue alt, just for fun. While I didn't actually begin playing the class with any kind of seriousness until Burning Crusade, it's been the one class I've leveled first with every expansion since, and a raid main for all that time as well. Weirdly enough, my love for the class has extended to other games as well.

When I get a new game with an option to choose a class, I automatically gravitate to the most rogue-like class I can find. My intended warrior in Skyrim ended up with a whole mess of sneaky skills almost unintenionally -- I mean, who can resist stealth? In Hearthstone, the first deck I was determined to obtain and play was the rogue deck. I'm not sure why, exactly -- I just like the sneaky little twerps. Maybe it's dedication, maybe it's just being used to a particular play style, but I'm curious -- is there a class you're dedicated to above all others? Is there a play style you prefer to the point where you look for it in other games, not just WoW? Are you constantly picking one type of class, no matter which game you're playing? Do you think it's out of habit, love, or some third thing?

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